Average Skydiving Costs|How Much Is It To Go Skydiving?

Average Skydiving Costs|How Much Is It To Go Skydiving?

What are the hidden skydiving costs?

Skydiving is an exhilarating experience, and the rush of adrenaline keeps me going back for more. Basic skydiving prices are high as is. After purchasing a video and tipping 20%, the total skydiving cost can be more than expected. I went into my first skydiving experience, expecting to only spend $200 and ended up paying way more than anticipated. While skydiving started out as an expensive activity, over the years, I learned how to save on my hobby.

I've created this article hoping to help you understand how much is it to go skydive. Plus, I'll share with you ways you can save on the fun in both the short and long term.

How Much Does It Cost To Go Skydiving?

The average skydiving cost is $99 to $375, but you may end up spending more on the total cost of your experience. Would you like pictures and videos of you jumping off the airplane? When you're high on adrenaline, will you want to go for a second jump? Is this an experience you're sharing with others? Answering yes to any of these questions will affect the overall skydiving price of your experience.

In this article, we will answer the question - how much is skydiving? and...

  • The prices of tandem dives, group dives, and single dives
  • The cost of picture and video
  • Skydiving Simulator Cost and Indoor Skydiving Cost
  • Whether you should rent equipment or buy
  • Tipping
  • The cost of becoming a certified skydiver
  • An explanation of the reason this activity is expensive

Plus find out…

  • The best days to jump


  • Ways to save on your experience
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How Much Is It To Skydive For Tandem Dives, Group Dives, and Single Dives?

'How much does it cost to skydive?'

First-time skydivers typically go tandem skydiving which costs about $300 and includes one dive attached to an experienced skydiving instructor. It pays for all the equipment needed and a plane ride up to 8,000 feet to 18,000 feet in the air. Most places will offer a second jump for a discounted price, usually around $150 which is great if you want to re-experience the thrill!

**Group dives are a great way to catch a discount. If you go with more than 3 people you could save 20%-30% on your fall! **

**You won’t get a discount if you bring someone who is not jumping. But if they would like to ride up with you and watch you jump, their ride will only cost $30-$40. **

Tandem Progression is great for someone who wants to jump solo. Tandem Progression includes Tandem Jump Price + AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) Full Course.

The Full Accelerated Free Fall Course costs is $1,250 to $3,500.

As a certified skydiver, you can go skydiving for as little as $80 if you need to rent out equipment. If you have all the equipment and only need a to hitch a ride up, you can jump for as low as $25.

What is the cost for Skydiving Pictures and Video?

If it’s your first time skydiving, you’re going to want pictures and/or videos. The average cost of skydiving videos costs $40-$230. Stills + video will run $68-$300.

Skydiving Simulator Cost

'What is the cost of indoor skydiving?'

Average indoor skydiving prices range $60-$100 for 30 minutes in the skydiving simulator. Skydiving simulator cost less than outdoor skydiving because it cost less to operate the machine and it doesn't involve a plane. Indoor skydiving prices are affordable and a great way to start skydiving. With a skydiving simulator you can feel what it’s like to go skydiving for less than 100 bucks.

Average Indoor Skydiving Prices Vs Outdoor Skydiving Prices

How do indoor skydiving prices compare to outdoor skydiving prices?

You can go indoor skydiving for less than $100 whereas with outdoor skydiving you can easily spend way more. How much more depends on the type of dive. We’ve already covered some of the types of dives you can go on.

One type of skydiving I haven't mentioned is demo skydiving. Demo skydiving is an intense skydiving sport where experienced skydivers jump and land in challenging areas. Demo jumps can cost $1000+ depending on the circumstances but can be worth it if you’re into it.

Should You Rent or Buy Skydiving Equipment?

'How much does skydiving equipment rental cost vs buying skydiving equipment?'

**Skip this section if you are a first-timer just looking for prices on a tandem dive. Continue reading if you’re curious about what it cost to skydive long-term. **

Whether you rent or buy will impact the skydiving prices and deciding to rent or buy depends entirely on your skydiving goals. How many jumps do you plan on taking during the year? During your life?

**If you're going to jump more than 200 times then it is definitely worth investing in your own parachute kit. A complete parachute kit includes both main canopy and reserve parachute. A used kit can cost as little as $2,000 and a new top of the line kits can cost as high as $10,000. How much you spend on your parachute equipment depends on the brand and company you buy from. Nonetheless a canopy kit is worth the investment if you want to be in skydiving for many years to come.

**If you get certified so that you can solo jump and only plan to jump a handful of times, it's more cost-effective to rent. Renting equipment will cost you $20 - $35. **


'Should I be tipping on my skydiving excursion?'

Of course, no one expects you to tip, but it's courteous to if you had a great time! The normal tip for an experience like this is 10%-20%.

Some places, such as at Skydive Monroe, accept social media shout outs, baked goods, and written notes for tips in place of cash tips. Something to keep in mind if you're short on cash.

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Cost of Becoming a Certified Skydiver

'How much does getting skydiving certified cost?' and 'How much does a skydiving license cost?'

If skydiving is a hobby that you're passionate about than it is definitely worth it to consider becoming a licensed skydiver. A Skydiving License costs between $2,099 to $5,037.50. There are 4 different licenses the US Parachute Association will issue. You can rank though each one as a certified skydiver after completing the AFF Course. I won’t get into all the details about what that training and experience entails right now, but you can learn more about it here**. **

Why Skydiving is so Expensive

'Why is skydiving so expensive?'

We've covered many things that factor into skydiving prices and so you may be wondering why is skydiving so expensive.

Skydiving costs so much because of all that goes into operating the experience. The licensed skydivers that teach and assist must get paid for their time and energy, and the pilot who operates the plane. Of course, the equipment must get inspected and replaced if needed to ensure safety on the trip, and the ever-changing cost of fuel. Plus, the photographers and videographers who capture the amazing experience on film!

Another thing that increases skydiving prices is the cost of living in the area. The cost of a dive in an area with a high cost of living is higher will cost more. The higher the cost of living, the higher the employee wages.

And, expect to pay more if the area has a breathtaking view (although a great view can absolutely be worth the extra money!)

That's a few of the reasons why skydiving prices can be so expensive.

But rest assured, I'll cover ways to save on your skydiving trip in the next couple sections.

The Best Days to Jump

'When are the best days to go skydiving?'

The day of the week can influence the amount you'll pay for a dive! Some days are busier than others and some days are slower. When it comes to the cost of things, supply and demand play a huge part.

Weekdays -

Business is slow during the week because that’s when most people work. Most drop zones will offer a discount to encourage more business. If you can make it out during the week, you’re likely to save a few bucks.


Some places offer birthday discounts! It’s worth asking...


Keep an eye out for skydiving discounts around the holidays. It’s a great way for drop zones to promote business and for you to save on your dive!


Having a reservation at some places can get you a decent discount so try to make a reservation if you can!


During the cold and cloudy months, you can expect to find skydiving prices reduced. That's because people don't usually want to cross skydiving off their bucket list during the winter.

How to Save Money on Your Skydiving Trip

'What are some skydiving discounts I may qualify for?'

You can save a lot by going on a day I mentioned in the above section. But you can still cut down the skydiving cost on other days. In this section, you’ll find a list of skydiving discounts you may qualify for.

Military -

Most businesses are happy to offer a military discount to those who have served our military. If you have served in the US Military, thank you for your service and be sure to ask for a discount! You deserve it.

Senior Citizen -

**If you’re older than 65 and skydiving, then power to you! Get your discount. **


A lot of skydiving companies will give students a nice discount. All you'll need is to bring your student ID!

Group Dives-

**We've gone over it a bit before, but one way to save on your skydiving trip is to go with some friends! In addition to being a great way to bond, it's a great way to save! This is by far the best discounts you can get. In addition to getting up to 20%-30% if you bring 3 or more people, you’ll also get the best customer experience. **

BYOE (Bring Your Own Equipment)-

Bringing your own equipment can save you rental fees.

Find great deals in your area!

Groupon Skydiving -

**Although it looks like a great deal, we don't recommend Groupon Skydiving. You will end up spending more with Groupon Skydiving than if you make a reservation or use the discounts you qualify for. Plus, businesses don’t make much at all from Groupon and oftentimes they lose money. When it costs a business to do business with you, you may not get the best service. Try the discounts we discussed instead! **


**It can cost you as low as $250 + a tip or as high as $15,000 for the license and equipment to go skydiving. How much you spend depends entirely on how deep you want to get into the skydiving world. For one-timers, expect to spend roughly $580 for one tandem jump, 20% tip, and video. This is simply an estimate based-off average pricing. The amount you'll spend will vary depending on your location, the day you jump, who you jump with, and any discounts you redeem. **

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