Wondering How to Gift an Experience as a Gift - Gift a Panda

Wondering How to Gift an Experience as a Gift - Gift a Panda

How to Give an Experience as a Gift: 8 Creative Ideas

Finding the right gift can be frustrating. 

You don’t want to slip a $20 bill into a card and call it a day. You want a gift that matters. You want something special – something as unique as the person you’re buying for. 

Gift-giving doesn’t need to be frustrating, and you never again have to settle on something that will quickly be forgotten. 

Welcome to a new age in gift-giving — giving an experience as a gift. Keep reading to learn more about:

  • How to give an experience as a gift
  • Creative gift ideas for adults
  • Creative gift ideas for children
  • How we can help make gift-giving simple and fun

How can I give experience instead of gifts

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What Do You Give Someone Who Has Everything? Experience Gifts!

What in the world do you get someone who has everything? 


Give them something that they wouldn’t buy for themselves — an experience. 

Experience gifts are the perfect gift idea for someone who has everything. 

Just think...

Your dad has approximately 48 ties. Your mom has enough jewelry to make the Queen envious. Your nephew has every character from Star Wars imaginable. 

Don’t give them more stuff to add to the pile. An experience as a gift is perfect for these scenarios.

How Can I Give Experience Instead of Gifts?

It is easier now more than ever to give an experience gift.

With the click of a button online, you can order a gift card or book a reservation to just about anywhere. 

The hard part is knowing what experience to give. 

How well do you know the recipient? Do you know their secret wishes? Do you know what’s on their bucket list?

Have they always wanted to go skydiving? Or take a cooking class? Or drive a real race car? 

Or do you know that she could use a professional massage?

Or maybe you know your grandson would freak out over backstage passes to a concert. 

But …

… what about when you don’t know what to give as an experience? 

Don’t fret. We’ve got you covered. Here at Gift a Panda, we make gift-giving simple, easy, and fun. You can select from thousands of unforgettable experiences.

How to give an experience as a gift

What Is a Good Experience Gift? Here Are 8 Ideas

A good experience gift is just as it sounds — it gives the recipient a good (or dare we say incredible, life-changing, and memorable) experience that should be tailored just for the person.

Imagine that you’re graduating from grad school. Your Aunt Rhonda surprises you with an overnight spa experience to reward you for all your hard work. 

This gift checks off all the “A” boxes:

  • Appropriate for the recipient
  • Appropriate for the occasion
  • Awesome

Experience Gift Ideas For Adults

The right experience gift is personal. 

You probably shouldn’t give Grandma the experience of skydiving. If it’s on her bucket list (and she’s updated the list in the past few years), then go for it. Most likely, Grandma would like an art class, a trip to the spa, or a ticket to the annual garden expo. 

Thoughtfully consider the person. What’s something they have always wanted to do?

Let’s take a look at a few experience ideas for adults.

#1 Concert Tickets

Most any adult has or wants to attend a concert.

The problem is that as we get older, we often don’t make time for these fun “extra” things anymore. Life gets in the way. We get busy. Expenses pile up. 

That’s why giving the experience of an exciting concert is a great gift. 

There are even benefits to attending a concert, including:

  • Burning off calories
  • Having a rockin’ good time
  • Being in a safe environment 

Giving the ultimate concert experience can create memories that will last a lifetime. 

#2 A City Tour

Many people don’t consider the idea of playing “tourists” in their own town. 

That’s what makes a city tour experience so great. It’s unexpected and surprisingly a lot of fun. 

If you know the person is traveling for work, taking a vacation, or going on a honeymoon, it’s the perfect gift idea. 

Many cities have a bus, trolly, pedicab, and even walking tours. Give them the experience of learning history, listening to ghost tales, or even trying new foods on one of the hundreds of different types of city tours.

#3 Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are fun. 

The best part? You don’t have to clean up.

Most likely, the adult you’re buying for has never treated themselves to a cooking class. 

Cooking classes offer:

  • Improved skills
  • Better self-esteem
  • Cultural awareness

It’s also a great gift idea for a couple. Cooking classes make a unique date night that the couple is sure to not forget.

What is a good experience gift

#4 Wine Tour

Wine tours are not only fun, they’re educational. 

Is your friend a wine connoisseur? Or just really loves a good bottle of wine?

If so, a wine tour may just be the perfect gift. 

Beware. Wine tours often lead to:

  • A newfound passion 
  • An excuse to see the world
  • Meeting others who share the same appreciation 

A wine tour experience as a gift can turn into so much more.

Experience Gift Ideas For Kids

Toys have a way of taking over. Most families have too many toys — which can lead to less play. 

Having fewer toys is a benefit to kids. 

Instead of buying one more thing that will soon be added to the donate box, give the gift of a meaningful experience.

What do you give someone who has everything

#1: Trampoline Park Tickets

What kid doesn’t love a trip to a trampoline park? 

Many parents reserve the trampoline park for special occasions — birthday parties or the first day of summer break. 

An experience gift to a trampoline park is a great gift for kids of all ages.

 Trampoline parks have many benefits including:

  • Better heart health
  • Better leg strength
  • Stronger bones
  • Improved balance
  • Elevated mental state

This gift would have any child jumping for joy. (Pun intended.)

#2: Pottery Painting Experience

Pottery painting just might be the most unique gift on this list. 

Kids love to create. They love to try new things. 

Treating a child to a pottery class allows them to show off their creativity and experience something new, going beyond their art class at school. 

Bonus — your gift gives Mom a unique piece to cherish forever. 

A pottery class can improve a child’s motor skills by giving them the chance to engage their arm and hand muscles. 

As they learn how to manipulate the clay, they will discover that their hands can be powerful tools.

#3 Local Attraction Membership Passes

Want to really impress your kids? 

A membership pass to local attractions such as …

  • Theme parks
  • Water parks
  • Zoos
  • Aquariums, or
  • Museums 

… is a sure-fire way to get the reaction you’ve always hoped for when your child opens a gift. 

This is an experience gift that keeps on giving as many memberships last all year long, or at least for a season. Many special memories are sure to be made, especially if the membership pass is for the whole family.

#4: Movie Tickets

Give the gift of movie tickets and you’ll have any child shouting for joy.

From the smell of buttery popcorn to the giant boxes of candy, a trip to the movies is always a favorite experience for kids. 

A trip to the movie theatre brings family and friends together. 

This experience gift is not only great for kids but the perfect gift when you’re looking for the right gift for an entire family.

How to give an experience as a gift

How to Gift an Experience as a Gift With Gift a Panda

Even after reading our suggestions here, finding the right gift can be a struggle

That’s where Gift a Panda comes in. 

We help you put back the joy and magic into gift-giving. We have thousands of experiences to help you give someone:

  • Magic
  • Joy
  • Excitement
  • Adventure
  • Memories
  • Togetherness, and
  • Passion 

Give a gift that will never be retired, donated, trashed, or forgotten. Give an experience. Gift a Panda