13 Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas - Experiences She’ll Always Remember - Gift A Panda

13 Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas - Experiences She’ll Always Remember - Gift A Panda

13 Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas - Experiences She’ll Always Remember

Are you wracking your brain, searching high and low for good birthday gift ideas for your best friend? 

Let’s face it, if she’s your best friend…

Your ride or die…

Your sister from another mister…

Your person…

Then she’s probably a very special woman who deserves an equally special and unique birthday gift. 

If you’re struggling to come up with this perfect gift idea, you’re in the right place.

We’re going to share 15 of the very best gift ideas for your best friend’s birthday that will leave her with amazing memories she’ll never forget.


Why Experiences Are Better Gifts Than Items For Birthdays

Material gifts are overrated. 

Who needs another candle or necklace or kitchen gadget or makeup palette?

The reality is that after the initial surprise of opening the gift, most of these things are quickly forgotten about, stashed away in a cabinet, closet, or drawer along with hundreds of other useless items that will never again see the light of the day.

In today’s world, people just have too much stuff.

Experiences, however, are treasured

When you look back on your life, what really stands out? Is it the material gifts you were given or the experiences you had?

Experiences Are More Meaningful

Over time material items lose their value to us. They become old, dirty, or worn out. They are lost or are no longer useful. 
Experiences, on the other hand, never lose their value and actually tend to increase in importance as time passes, as we fondly recall our favorite experiences of the past.

Experiences Strengthen Relationships

A recent study, conducted by Cindy Chan of the U of T Scarborough, found that relationships are strengthened between the gifter and the giftee through experiential gifts as opposed to material gifts.

"An experiential gift elicits a strong emotional response when a recipient consumes it -- like the fear and awe of a safari adventure, the excitement of a rock concert or the calmness of a spa -- and is more intensely emotional than a material possession," says Chan.

Experiences Creates More Overall Happiness

In another recent study, Amit Kumar of the University of Texas found that "... people derive more happiness from their experiences than from their possessions."

Experiences give people memories that they can happily cherish forever. 

Kumar concluded that "If you want to be happier, it might be wise to shift some of your consumption away from material goods and a bit more toward experiences...that would likely lead to greater well-being."

13 Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

If you’re looking for an incredible and unique experience based birthday gift for your best friend, Gift a Panda has you covered. With literally hundreds of experiences to choose from, there’s no question that you can quickly and easily find the perfect experience for your best friend.

Here are just 13 of the many gift ideas that you can choose from.

Creative Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friends - Workshops and Classes

If your bestie enjoys expressing herself creatively, you can’t go wrong giving her the gift of a workshop or class focused on her creative outlet of choice.

Gift Idea #1: Cooking Classes

If your best friend has a love of cooking, gifting her with a cooking class or two can be a great way to support her interests and help her expand her skills

With classes ranging from specific chef skills such as knife usage to specialty cuisine focused classes, you’re sure to find an amazing birthday experience that will please even a friend with the pickiest of palates.

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Gift Idea #2: Fitness Classes

Yoga. Pilates. Strength training. Boxing. Circuit training. Zumba.

Does your BFF love a good sweat session at the gym?

Does she thrive from the adrenaline rush that follows a great workout?

Or is she just dipping her toes in the world of exercise, looking for ways to improve her overall health?

If any of these scenarios sound like your BFF why not show your support of her healthy choices and gift her with fitness classes this year for her birthday. 

Gift Idea #3: Dance Classes

Is your best friend a dancing queen? Or does she seem to have two left feet?

No matter which end of the spectrum she falls, if your BFF is down for a fun time, dance classes can be a fun birthday gift for those of any skill level.

Most dance studios offer a wide variety of classes, including genres such as salsa, swing, jazz, hip hop, ballroom, and modern, so you’re guaranteed to find a class that she will create a super memorable birthday gift for her. 

Amazing Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend - Entertainment

Gifting your best friend tickets or memberships to some of the hidden gems located right in her home town can be a perfect way to give her the chance to slow down and smell the roses in her very own backyard

With options spanning the US from coast to coast, you’re sure to quickly and easily find the perfect entertainment option for your BFF at Gift a Panda.

Gift Idea #4: Museums

One of the most underappreciated experiences often overlooked by locals is museums

Let’s be honest, how often do you take a day to visit your local museum?

However, if you take the time to check them out, you’re sure to discover an untapped gold mine of intrigue and experience, especially for those with a deep appreciation of culture. 

If your BFF falls into this category, chances are high that she will deeply appreciate tickets or memberships to local art or history museums for her birthday much more than another material gift.

Gift Idea #5: Concerts

If your number 1 girlfriend is a music lover or avid concertgoer, why not treat her to tickets to a local concert?

Which choices ranging from huge arena shows to small and intimate acoustic sets, tickets to see an artist she loves is sure to leave her pulling out her best groupie t-shirt and happily rocking the night away. 

Gift Idea #6: Live Theatre

It’s true that “there’s no business like show business”, especially for those with a deep love and appreciation for the performing arts. 

Does your best gal pal love the belt her heart out along with the “Hamilton” soundtrack?

Can she recite Shakespeare like a professional 16th-century reenactor? 

Or does she really enjoy checking out the latest Indie productions?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then she’s sure to adore tickets to a live theatre event

This birthday gift choice will likely earn you a standing ovation and provide her with incredible memories that she’ll lever forget.

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Gift Idea #7: Zoos & Aquariums

Is your bestie an animal lover at heart? 

If so, day passes or a membership to a local zoo or aquarium might be the perfect birthday gift for her this year.
No matter if she goes alone, with a special someone, or brings along the entire family, a day spent at a zoo or aquarium is sure to be a birthday gift she’ll treasure for years to come.

Exciting Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas - Adventure and Travel

If your best friend is like many other modern women these days, chances are she is busy. Like, really busy

Often this busi-ness coupled with day-to-day life can make it hard to take advantage of some of the really cool adventure or travel experiences available to her. 
Indulge her adventure-seeking side with some of these exciting gift birthday ideas.

Gift Idea #8: Skydiving

Looking for a once in a lifetime experience for your best gal pal’s birthday?

If she’s the adventurous type, imagine how excited she’d be to receive a skydiving adventure for her birthday. 

If she’s adventurous but maybe not at the jump-out-of-a-moving-plane level…

Consider surprising her with an indoor skydiving experience

Either way you choose to go, a skydiving experience is sure to provide her with the thrill of a lifetime.

Gift Idea #9: City Tours

Visiting a big city means there are countless things to see and do - much more than can ever be thoroughly explored during a short visit. 

A city tour is a perfect way to see the highlights and best spots within a small amount of time. 

If your bestie is taking a trip sometime soon, consider gifting her with tickets for a city tour. 

Options often include bike tours, bus tours, segway tours, ghost tours, food or alcohol tours, boat tours, the list goes on and on. No matter which option you choose, a city tour will be a vacation highlight that she’ll talk about for years to come.

Unique Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas - Pampering

If your best friend is like the majority of women out there...

She’s overwhelmed with responsibility.

She’s struggling to keep all of the plates she’s juggling in the air.

She’s putting the needs of others before her own.

She’s tired.

And she could really use a break.

If this sounds like your bestie, check out these amazing birthday gift ideas that will give her the rest, relaxation, and pampering she deserves.

Gift Idea #10: Restaurants

Whether your BFF is an avid foodie or just someone who appreciates good food and drink, there’s no doubt that she will be over the moon excited to receive a dinner out for her birthday. 

With dozens of cuisines and locations to choose from, she’ll surely treasure you gifting her with a meal that she doesn’t have to cook or clean up herself.

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Gift Idea #11: Spas

Massages, facials, saunas, hot stones, mud bathsIs there anything more relaxing than a day at the spa for a busy and stressed out woman?

If you really want to spoil your best girlfriend on her birthday, why not treat her to a day of complete pampering and relaxation at the spa?

If your best friend tends to put her own self-care needs on the back-burner and instead focus on taking care of the other people in her life then her birthday is the perfect opportunity to give her the chance to take a time-out from daily life and instead have someone else attend to her needs. 

Gift Idea #12: Salons

If you’re looking to spoil your bestie in a bit of a more hands-off manner, a day at the salon can be a great spa alternative. 

Nothing makes a woman feel more confident than a brand new hair cut and color, a manicure, or a pedicure. 

Gift Idea #13: House Cleaning

Are you looking for a super out-of-the-box birthday gift idea for your BFF this year?

One of the very best gifts for a busy and overworked woman is a day off from household chores and responsibilities.

If you really want to give your best friend a relaxing break, hiring a cleaning service for her will be a much appreciated and treasured gift experience.