Finding the right gift is a struggle.

Finding the right gift is a struggle.

“Should I get him a gift card?”

“How can I be sure she doesn’t have one of these?”

“What if it’s not the right fit or style?”

There is a way to stop giving gifts that are boring or that don’t fit.

Give the gift of learning!

Everyone looks for ways to learn new things, acquire a new skill, or discover a new experience.

Sometimes they are already taking classes, like yoga, but this is a chance to try a new style or instructor. In other cases, it can be something that is a rare opportunity, like learning to drive a race car.

Some of the best gifts you can give are the experiences that the recipient would never give themselves!

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Cooking Classes

Everyone eats and most of us would like to learn to be better cooks. How about a cooking class that teaches cooking and team-building activities that help us to accomplish the best things in life with the help of others?

In Boston, Self Up offers classes taught by area master chefs. Each chef teaches participants how to cook amazing food and to work with others to accomplish complex goals.

Find Cooking classes in your area!

Ranjana’s offers a four-course series teaching students how to cook classic Indian dishes. From making samosas to rolling rotis, Indian food is always a favorite and your loved ones can learn to make their own wonderful, healthy foods.

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Auto Racing

All across the country, race tracks invite regular people to sit behind the wheel of powerful machines and race around the track. What could be more exhilarating than letting an incredibly fast car take you around the track like a professional driver?

Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX offers a 3.41-mile racetrack that has been driven by some of the world’s greatest drivers. Now it’s time for your loved one, whether friend or family, to take a drive to the wild side and let the power out.

Find race car driving lessons in your area!

Looking for a “smaller” experience? RPM Raceway in New York, NY, offers all-electric indoor go-karting along with a family-oriented full entertainment destination. Safe, fun, and perfect for everyone at every age, this is the perfect gift.

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Wood Workshops

Few things in life are as satisfying as creating something out of wood. Under the guidance of a master craftsperson, participants will learn to create outstanding family heirlooms by hand.

Find Wood Workshop Classes in your Area!

In Phoenix, recipients can learn to make a Windsor Chair or lots of other items. These classes teach the basics so participants can take the skills home and do even more.

No matter what your loved one learns in the Indianapolis, IN, wood workshop, they’ll walk away with the experience of a lifetime. Starting with the gift that you give them, they’ll have a skill that helps them relax, create, and have fun.

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Art Classes

Art is a gift that everyone loves. Being able to let their artistic urges out can help loved ones to make their world prettier and even let them create gifts for themselves in the future. From painting to ceramics, art is a gift that makes the world a better place.

Putting your hands into clay and creating something beautiful is a profound gift. This isn’t your amateur ashtray-making class! Baltimore Clayworks is a non-profit that shares the wonder of making something from clay that will be cherished for years.

Find Art Classes in your Area.

Sculpt, paint, draw, anything they want! Your loved one is able to create all kinds of art after some amazing classes in San Diego. Learning to create something beautiful from inside yourself is a gift that can change someone’s life.

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Dance Classes

Dance is not only a great way to have fun, it’s also a great way to stay in shape. Dance lessons are an outstanding gift for anyone. You can open a new door for someone you love and bring a smile to their face any time they hear music.

The Sweat Spot offers Sweaty Sundays that anyone attend and enjoy just dancing their own way. At their studio in Los Angeles, they teach every age and every level of experience to enjoy dance, get in shape, and transform music from something to listen to into something that makes their body move.

Find dance classes in your area!

In the City of Brotherly Love, Estilo Dance Studio offers classes in salsa, ballet, and more. Dancers of all levels are welcomed to come learn more. They even have Student Performance Classes that let dancers take their training to a whole new level.

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Yoga Classe

Millions of people practice yoga to get their bodies in great shape and to calm their minds. The ancient science of yoga has taken the U.S. by storm as people look for low impact, reliable ways to get healthier.

Sattva Yoga Center in Motor City teaches traditional breath-focused yoga. Each yoga class is designed to bring more peace and relaxation to their mind and their souls. Sattva delivers yoga the way that it’s been taught for thousands of years.

Fing great Yoga classes in your area!

If you want to give the gift of a unique yoga experience, Source Studio in Riverside, CA., has everything. Kundalini yoga, AlReal yoga, Hatha yoga, Yin Yoga and much more. This is the place to see what the newest styles of yoga are and to find new ways to expand one’s mind and heart.

Giving the Gift of Workshop and Classes

No matter what type of workshop or class you choose to give as a gift to a loved one, a friend, a work colleague, or even a boss, you’re giving them an experience to remember. Art classes, dance classes, and yoga will all change the recipient's life. A cooking class can open a new world of dining and pleasure that most people will never give themselves.

Few gifts are as eye-opening and life-changing as an experience given from the heart.

We’ve curated our experiences to help bring you, your family, and your friends together. And afterward, your loved ones might gift you panda hugs in return.

So what are you waiting for? Gift your loved ones a panda today!

And the best part? You can be as lazy as a panda because we make it so easy. Gift a Panda is much more than a memorable experience. Each gift box will include a beautiful personalized postcard and items as clues about the panda gift. As they unravel the mystery, you’ll begin the exotic, exciting journey of discovering the unique experience together.

Put the magic back into your gifting! Gift a panda, and say goodbye to the usual unwrapping of more needless stuff at your party or holiday celebration. Instead, gift one-of-a-kind meaningful experiences that will create memories your family will share for generations. Enjoy the pleasures of easy gifting from the comfort of your couch. Gift a Panda offers over 8,800 extraordinary experiences ( and growing!) all over the United States.

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