Gift Experiences for Men (That They’ll LOVE)

Gift Experiences for Men (That They’ll LOVE)

Long lasting memories created by experiences.

Scientists have been studying the concept of happiness for years.

There’s been loads of research on what, exactly, makes us happy and the kinds of things we should invest in during our lives. Study after study says that spending money on experiences instead of things makes people happier – and that happiness lasts longer.

We live in a post-materialistic world. When a guy has everything, it’s hard to know what sort of gift to give them. Especially when you want your gift to have meaning, and not just be something that gets lost or forgotten. However, there’s no need to panic! There are a wide variety of unforgettable experiences on Gift A Panda that your husband, father, brother, or boyfriend will more than appreciate.

Skydiving classes for beginers.

Looking for an experiential gift this year? Whether you’re looking for Christmas gifts, birthday presents, Valentine’s Day date ideas, or something meaningful for Father’s Day, Gift A Panda has cultivated some of the most memorable experiences in the world. A few of our most unique gift ideas include…

Wood Workshop Experiences

Does your man love craft work? If so, a Gift a Panda wood workshop experience could be just what the doctor ordered!

One idea would be…

Philadelphia Woodworks (Philadelphia, PA): Philadelphia Woodworks offers you the chance to create something from nothing in Philadelphia, PA. At Philadelphia Woodworks you will find a variety of wood workshops to carve, whittle, and bull nose your way to woodworking expertise.

Simply navigate to 4901 Umbria St., Philadelphia, PA 19128 and let the excitement of making a new chair or table draw you closer to mastering the table saw. Once you begin your adventure at Philadelphia Woodworks, you will start to buzz your way to your own wooden masterpiece.

Woodworkshops in Philadelphia.

Fitness Experiences

Is your man a fitness junkie? Do you want to get in shape together? Or perhaps you’d just like to visit a state of the art fitness center, climbing gym, or gymnastics facility? Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered! We can help you and your man create some fun memories involving your athletic goals!

Gym experiences and Adventures in Gift a Panda.

One idea would be…

Brooklyn Athletic Club (New York, NY): We are an athletic facility that focuses on producing real results. We have four floors with best-in-class equipment and a top-notch training staff focused on helping members reach their fitness goals.

We don’t live in the manufactured fitness influencer and athleisure world. We built this facility for all of us to put in the work. Most importantly, we have a home for everybody. Whether you’re training for an Ironman or your first 5K, we’ve got your back.

Gym Gift Expeiences in your area

Travel Experiences

Want to see the world? Does your man have the desire to travel? Luckily, Gift a Panda has a number of hotel and travel gift experiences that you and your man can enjoy! We feature a wide array of hotels in every major U.S. Metropolitan area, meaning that you can visit virtually anywhere in the states!

Traveling experiences and tourist attactions all over the US.

Looking for gifts for the traveler in your life? Perhaps your man wants to see the nation’s capital? Or maybe he wants to see the New York City skyline in-person? Give the gift of travel and convenience with a hotel class Gift a Panda. Buy your Gift a Panda hotel experience today!

City Tours

Does he have wanderlust? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a date-like way to celebrate his big day together? Our assortment of city tours is the perfect gift for men who are eager to explore their stomping grounds!

City Tour Experiences in your area.

The two of you can enjoy an urban excursion featuring trendy topics such as art, history, entertainment, architecture, hauntings, food and beverages, breweries and vineyards, local culture, sightseeing, happenin' hot spots, monuments, mysteries, and more tours galore! And best of all, these intriguing outings are available in nearly every major metropolis of the U.S. Options include a walking tour, bike tours, and more!

Adventure equipment for the best city experience.

One idea would be…

Urban AdvenTours (Boston, MA): Urban AdvenTours is a locally owned, independent and green company. We strive to provide the most historically accurate, unique, and extensive tours in Boston. We believe that the best way to see this city is from the seat of a bicycle. Our guides are Boston residents, experts on local history, lovers of architecture, sports geeks, and most importantly, expert city cyclists.

They will show you the best that our city has to offer - from hidden nooks and crannies to the big name sites. What really makes our tours unforgettable is the closeness you will feel to the sights from the seat of a bicycle. Instead of driving by in a bus, you can get up close and personal and take in the view while your guide tells the tales, ask questions, and take plenty of photos.

Tourist Attractions in you area.

Driving Experiences

Gift a Panda offers incredible driving experiences all across the country. Wherever he lives, your dad’s not far from a heart-racing, adrenaline pumping, unforgettable driving experience. He can get behind the wheel of his dream car, whether it’s a Lamborghini, Porsche or Ferrari and test his racing skills.

Extreme car driving experiences.

Or, he could ride along with a professional NASCAR or Indy Car driver and feel what it’s like to hang with the pros! If you really want to put a smile on his face, send him to one of our many driving or racing experiences and forge some life-lasting memories!

One idea would be…

Simraceway Professional Driving Center (San Francisco, CA): You've invested a lot in your high-performance street car, so why not invest a little more in learning how to get the most out of it? Our Performance Driving Program, also known as a high performance driving experience (HPDE), or high performance driving school (HPDS), invites you to take your own car out onto the world-famous Sonoma Raceway in beautiful Sonoma California, exploring its true performance capabilities in a safe, controlled, and legal environment--and benefiting from targeted feedback from our expert instructors, designed to turn you into a safer, more capable driver.

Our HPDE programs are run during track days at the world-famous Sonoma Raceway in the California Bay Area and are designed to not only provide you with a wealth of professional driving techniques, but also provide you the ultimate driving experience in your high performance car or sports car. Stage 1-One Day ($495) Performance Driving Program, Stage 2-One Day ($595) Performance Driving Program, Stage 3-One Day ($595) Performance Driving Program, Car-Control Clinic-Half-Day ($295)

Car race track lessons in your area.

Adventure Experiences

Is your man always up for an adventure? If so, the sky is literally the limit! Gift a Panda has adventure opportunities all across the country that will delight the thrill-seeker in your life. Give your dad the gift of learning how to skydive or whitewater raft. Send him glamping in some of the most scenic places in the country.

From skydiving to snorkeling to kayaking, we’ve just the right adventure to make your dad feel like a kid again. Want to entertain his inner outdoorsman? Cool gifts like hiking, scuba diving, rock climbing, rafting, and much more are guaranteed to have him make the most of what Mother Nature has to offer!

Outdoor experiences create lasting memories.

Here are a couple ideas:

DC Skydiving Center (Washington, D.C.): "Devoted to crossing Skydiving off of everyone's Bucket List!" DCS Tandem jumps from up to 2 miles high with up to 60 seconds of freefall at 120 MPH! Our USPA certified instructors are highly skilled and experienced. We specialize in first time jumpers. Tandem jumps are safe and the training is easy.

Feel the adrenaline rush as you soar over Fauquier County. Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountain foothills and the Potomac River from your bird's eye view as you peacefully float down from 5,000 feet. Your parachute ride will last about 7 minutes, and you can even help steer. At D.C. Skydiving Center, skydiving is our passion, and we're sure you'll experience that passion when you skydive with us. We're located in a rural setting on one of the oldest glider air-parks in the heart of Virginia hunt and wine country, only an hour from Washington DC!

Skydiving will create memoreable experiences.

Adventure Sports Kitesurfing School (Miami, FL): Here at Adventure Sports we make kiteboarders. Located on the warm shallow waters of Biscayne Bay Adventure Sports boast some of the best riding conditions in Florida. Our highly trained instructors specialize in getting students up and riding as quick as possible. If kiteboarding is not your thing don't worry we also offer paddle boarding, kayaking, yoga, and guided tours.

Dining Experiences

You can never go wrong with a delicious meal served with his favorite drink. We go way beyond your typical patio lunch or fancy dinner. Our extensive list of food and drink gift options include walking food tours, private sushi lessons, champagne brunch on a gorgeous yacht, and microbrewery tours.

Dining experiences at some of the best venues in each city.

And that’s just scratching the surface! Treat your husband, brother, or father to any of the hundreds of food and drink options and he’ll be thanking you for years.

One idea would be…

The Cellar at Duckworth’s (Charlotte, NC): The Cellar at Duckworth's combines gastropub fare from our chef-driven menu, with a tap list of specialty and rare beers served at appropriate temperatures to their styles, and handcrafted, signature cocktails made by our mixologists.

Inspired by an era of time that's long past, the underground space built originally in 1912, naturally has a speakeasy-prohibition-era feel with its original brick walls and exposed ceiling joists. Even our attentive staff dresses the part from the era. We hope to take you back in time for a bit while enjoying good food and drink with friends and family.

Best dining experiences in your area.

Art Experiences

Is he a thoughtful artist? Or perhaps he’d like to take time to relieve stress and decompress by taking art lessons. Give the gift of art!

Allow your loved one to paint, sculpt and draw in the art class of their dreams. You can make it a class for two to spend some fun quality time exploring your creativity together.

Art studio lessons designed for all levels.

One idea would be…

City Art Room (Charlotte, NC): Voted Charlotte's Best Painting Studio and Gallery for sip and paint sessions, teambuilding , private paint parties, fine art collection, and professional custom artwork.

Theater Experiences

Theater tickets and movie tickets in your area.

Is your loved one a movie buff? Perhaps he’d like to see the latest action or comedy flick in an unforgettable theater! Or maybe he’s more of the classical theater type? Gift a Panda has a variety of theater (and theaters) experiences for your man!

Theater and Movie tickets available for all tastes and preferences.

Gift a super fun movie theater experience in your area. Allow your loved one to visit the best Movie Theater in which to relax, unwind, and stuff their faces full of popcorn. Give them the chance to go on a date to the best location with their favorite movies.

Gift a Panda is the ideal way to set up an experience at one of the best theater locations in your area. Your loved one will appreciate every shot of this cinematic Gift a Panda!

One idea would be…

Tampa Theatre (Tampa, FL): Built in 1926, the Tampa Theatre is one of America's most elaborate movie palaces and a beloved community landmark. Visitors to the theatre enjoy world-class entertainment under a realistic night sky with twinkling stars in a romantic Mediterranean courtyard replete with old-world statues, flowers, and gargoyles.

As one of the most heavily utilized venues of its kind in the United States, Tampa Theatre's single auditorium hosts more than 600 events each year, including a full schedule of first-run and classic films, concerts, special events, corporate events, tours and educational programs.

Theater tickets and movie tickets in your area.

Concert Venues

Gift the ultimate concert experience. Allow your loved one to choose the best concert venue for their musical interests, from country to hip hop, and everything in-between. Give them the chance to visit and experience from some of the best venues in your area with the greatest sound systems, lighting, food, and drinks!

Concert venues for all tastes and preferences.

Who doesn't love a great night out with even better music? This Gift a Panda can be the top option to gift your husband, father, or brother with an experience at one of the best concert venues in your area. Your loved one will rock out to every second of this thoughtful Gift a Panda.

One idea would be…

El Rey Theater (Los Angeles, CA): The El Rey Theatre is an original art deco theater in the heart of the Miracle Mile, one of Los Angeles' preserved art deco districts. In 1936 El Rey was built and designed by Clifford Balch. After over 50 years as a first run movie house, the El Rey converted into a live music venue in 1994.

A registered Historic-Cultural Monument, the El Rey has sweeping staircases, an art deco lobby, VIP balcony lounge and a grand ballroom equipped with a full stage. The El Rey is a general admission, standing room venue, unless stated otherwise in specific show details.

Tourist Attractions

Acquariums are wonderful opportunities to create lasting memories.

Sometimes, just visiting a tourist attraction or a historical site can be an extremely fun experience!  If your loved one is a history buff or wants to see the sites of the world, a Gift a Panda tourist attraction experience may be the perfect gift for them!

One idea would be…

The Dallas World Aquarium (Dallas, TX): The adventure at The Dallas World Aquarium begins at the top of the rainforest exhibit that has many exotic birds, such as Cocks-of-the-rock and many species of toucans. Also lounging around are two-toed and three-toed sloths. Endangered animals, such as Orinoco crocodiles, Giant river otters, Antillean manatees and several species of monkeys are part of the many conservation projects.

The aquarium portion displays interesting marine life, including Japanese crabs, jellyfish, Leafy, Weedy and Ribbon seadragons. Black-footed and blue penguins can be seen swimming as guests enjoy the outdoor South Africa exhibit. Sharks, rays and sawfish are only a few of the fish living in the Mundo Maya cenote. Safe from Neotropical eagles, are euphonias, tanagers and hummingbirds. Reptiles and amphibians, both of significance to the Mayan culture, can be seen throughout the exhibit.

Tourist Attractions in you area.

Gift Experiences are the Way to Go!

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