Our Story - Why Gift a Panda? Why we named Company Gift a Panda

Our Story - Why Gift a Panda? Why we named Company Gift a Panda

What if you could rekindle the Christmas magic? Recreate that precious feeling of excitement, right as you are about to discover what new adventures you could embark on with your latest gift? What if you could gift something so extraordinary and memorable to bring back the joy of gift giving and gift opening?

Rekindeling the magic of gifting.

We, like many of you, received many well intended gifts from friends and family who naturally ran out of new gift ideas. After receiving our 4th wallet, 5th tie, and always forgetting what we received or gifted for the last birthday, we decided to change that.

That is the essence of Gift a Panda, bringing back the magic. Gifting the perfect gift every time, one that will not be thrown away, re-gifted, or become obsolete or boring. A gift designed to please and become a memorable experience from the very first moment.

Gift a memorable experience:

Gifting a Panda was the closest metaphor we could come up with to bring back that magic. The coolest, fluffiest, exotic, most special animal in the world. Gift a Panda represents––one-of-a-kind experiences as irresistible and unexpected as pandas.

Let’s face it, gifting can be a pain. How many awkward moments have you had to endure when someone thought they’d gotten you the perfect gift and you, um, didn’t. Slowly, you became disenchanted with the whole gifting idea, not because you're ungrateful. It’s just all that stuff hasn’t felt meaningful, let alone memorable, in a very long time. The joy of gifting things doesn’t seem to last.

You can’t buy meaning, tranquility, or togetherness––or, can you?

Instead of gifting another shiny new thing that will most likely end up at the curb next year (or worse, become forgotten entirely), give the gift they’ll never return, a shared memorable extraordinary experience. Gift a Panda!

Gift Memorable Experiences to your loved ones.

We’ve curated our experiences to help bring you, your family, and your friends together. And afterward, your loved ones might gift you panda hugs in return.

So what are you waiting for? Gift your loved ones a panda today!

And the best part? You can be as lazy as a panda because we make it so easy. Gift a Panda is much more than a memorable experience. Each gift box will include a beautiful personalized postcard and items as clues about the panda gift. As they unravel the mystery, you’ll begin the exotic, exciting journey of discovering the unique experience together.

Put the magic back into your gifting! Gift a panda, and say goodbye to the usual unwrapping of more needless stuff at your party or holiday celebration. Instead, gift one-of-a-kind meaningful experiences that will create memories your family will share for generations. Enjoy the pleasures of easy gifting from the comfort of your couch. Gift a Panda offers over 8,000 extraordinary experiences ( and growing!) all over the United States. You will find perfect pandas in most US cities: Boston, San Francisco, New York, Miami...

Check out any of our thousands of experiences and bring back the magic to your loved ones!

Life is better with a panda!

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