The Perfect Gifts for Somebody Who Has Everything

The Perfect Gifts for Somebody Who Has Everything

Experience Gifts in 7 Major US Cities

We all know a person who seems to have it all. This is the kind of person who always has the latest and greatest—from their clothing to their automobile.

Shopping for the person who has everything is nearly impossible. If they like something, they probably have it, or have gone out and bought it already. Where does that leave you, the gift giver? When you are dealing with someone who seemingly has it all, think outside of the box with your gifting.

When we think of buying gifts, we normally think of the material. A birthday present can often be something like a nice sweater, a set of knives, or a puzzle. A standard anniversary present tends to be jewelry or a bottle of wine.

When thinking of the gift for the person who has everything, consider gifts that can’t store bought or at Amazon. Instead of a solid entity, consider gifting the person who has everything a new experience.

Think of gifting an activity or an experience that will have your friend or loved one steeped in memories. Whether it’s a sunset cruise dinner in their hometown or a hot air balloon excursion on their next trip to San Francisco.

Here are some great excursions, activities, tours, and experiences in some of America’s largest cities. Even if your “person who has everything” doesn’t live nearby to these places, try searching out similar experiences nearby. Chances are, there is a day spa, a ghost tour, or a pub crawl in your own hometown. Happy gifting!

The Perfect Gifts in New York City

The Perfect Gifts in New York City

New York City is the city that never sleeps—mostly because there is so much to do. Your loved ones could experience cuisines from around the world and drink any type of cocktail you could imagine in just one city block. Here are a few experiences New York has to offer for the person who may seem to have everything.

Romantic Date Night

Just like we said in the introduction, many of these experiences can be found in any city. Dinner at a Italian restaurant with a bottle of fine wine, followed by a horse-drawn carriage through Central Park. Not in New York City? No worries, you can DIY a lovely date night for your giftee with a local restaurant.

Sailing Trip

New York City has a number of cruise lines, water taxis, and chartered boats. Gift a sailing trip, a cruise around Manhattan, or a speedboat around the Statue of Liberty.

Helicopter Trip Over Manhattan

Is your friend or loved one looking to see it all but on a tight time budget? Get them up in the air—literally. Gift a helicopter ride so that they can see all the sights without having to max out their Metro Card.

Broadway Show

Gift a ticket, or a pair of tickets, to the hottest Broadway show. Give the best theater gift the world has to offer, whether it’s a long-running classic, like The Lion King, or a brand-new show.

The Perfect Gifts in Los Angeles

If you want to be star struck, take a tour of Hollywood.

Los Angeles is the city of stars. Whether you are visiting yourself or gifting someone great experiences in Los Angeles, there is much to be seen. The best part? Whether you’re a cinephile, a nature freak, or a bona fide foodie, there is going to be action is Los Angeles. Here are a few gift ideas in Los Angeles.

Movie Stars’ Home Tours

When in Rome, right? You've heard of the move tours through Los Angeles. Take a double-decker bus to see former homes of the rich and the famous. Gift a tour of Hollywood homes to someone who wants a dose of old Hollywood nostalgia.

Guided Hollywood Hills Hike

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood is not for everyone. Instead, consider gifting a guided tour through beautiful Griffith Park. Even if you’re not into “Hollywood” types, the hike to the Hollywood sign is a must-see for nature buffs and movie lovers alike. A win-win!

Studio Tour

If your loved one is into the movies, then you must do a movie tour. Studios like Warner Brothers and Paramount Studios offer daily tours through their lots. If you gift a studio tour, your “person who has it all” might get to “see it all,” too. The tours often go through live sets of television and movie tapings.

Day Trip to Solvang

Had enough of Los Angeles? Take a day trip to the Danish village of Solvang in the Santa Ynez Mountains. See California and old Denmark in one quick 125-mile trip from Los Angeles.

The Perfect Gifts in San Francisco

Enjoy a walking tour of San Francisco. Don"t forget to bring a sweater.

San Francisco is the home to cable cars, old Victorian homes, and Karl the Fog. San Francisco is the perfect place for gifted experiences. Consider the experience of exploring the Bay, looking for some quick wine-filled getaways, or looking to burn your gluts walking the hills.

Day Trip to Napa

Is it mid-August and freezing in San Francisco? No problem! Your friend can experience warmth, wine, and natural beauty by gifting a quick trip over the Golden Gate Bridge and to Napa Valley.

Catamaran in San Francisco Bay

When the weather is beautiful in San Francisco, make your way to the water. Gift a catamaran sailing cruise in the San Francisco Bay for a present your friend will never forget.

Chinatown Food Tour

San Francisco’s Chinatown is home to some of the best dim sum in the United States. Gift a Chinatown food tour to make an unforgettable impression on your friend’s memory—and stomach.

Urban Hill Hikes

Looking to burn off those dumplings and Irish coffees from Buena Vista Cafe? Gift an urban hike to explore all of those hills that San Francisco is so famous for. Warning: this gift might cause your friend to hate you. The hills are that serious.

The Perfect Gifts in Chicago

Chicago is basically the capital of the Midwest. Chicago is a great place to give experience gifts to a friend or loved one. Think of the massive skyscrapers, beautiful museums, and rich culinary scene. Here are a few ideas for giftable experiences in the “Windy City.”

Deep Dish Pizza Tour

What’s a better gift than food? What’s a better food than pizza? Gift a Chicago pizza tour to the foodie in your life.

Navy Pier Food Tour

Still hungry? Chicago's Navy Pier is home to over 50 acres of attractions and experiences. Gift a food tour of the Navy Pier to give your friend or loved one a good taste of what Chicago has to offer.

Lakeside Bike Tour

Now that you’ve gifted all of the food in Chicago, get your friend some exercise. Guided bike tours are a great (and safe) way to get to know any city. Add in beautiful law views and scenery—you’ve given the perfect gift to someone visiting Chicago.

The Perfect Gifts in Houston

Come enjoy some southern beauty.

Houston, we’ve got some gift ideas. When your friend or loved one is visiting Houston, consider giving gifts that are specific to Houston. As the largest city in Texas, everything is bigger in Houston. Here is how to give a great experience gift in Houston.

Space Center Tour

What is cooler than outer space? Give the gift of learning, by buying your friend and ticketed tour to the Houston Space Museum. Here, they can learn about the history of NASA and of space exploration through the United States’ history.

Kemah Boardwalk Tour

The Kemah Boardwalk is a 60-acre Texas Gulf Coast theme park in Kemah. Gift a guided tour to Kemah, its shops, dining, rides, and amusements. There is something for everyone at Kemah.

Old Town Houston Pub Crawl

Who says you can’t drink and learn the history of Houston at the same time? Gift a Houston pub crawl so that your friend “who already has everything” can drink everything and learn everything Houston has to offer.

Houston Museum District

The Houston Museum District is home to 19 museums. You heard that right, nineteen. For the museum buff who has everything, gift a day trip (or a two-day trip) to some of Houston’s best museums.

The Perfect Gifts in Dallas

These boots are made for walking...enjoy Dallas on foot for a day.

Still in Texas? Head north to Dallas to soak up more history.

JFK Assassination Museum + Tour

While this may seem a strange idea for a gift, it is a perfect present for a real history nerd. Gift a tour that retraces the route JFK took on that fateful day in 1963. Explore the controversy and conspiracy theories surrounding the death of the 35th President of The United States.

George W. Bush Presidential Library Tour

If your friend is a huge fan of US Presidents, consider this a presidential package gift! Book tours of the JFK museum, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and the 15-acre Native Texas Park to check out some Texas Bluebells.‍

Dallas Ghost Tour + Pub Crawl

Dallas has some deep Texas history. Consider gifting a ghost tour coupled with a pub crawl. Your skeptic friend who has everything can still enjoy a few beers while visiting some of Dallas’ oldest “haunts.”

Visit the Texas Motor Speedway

Right next to Dallas is Fort Worth, home to the Texas Motor Speedway. Whether your friend is a self-proclaimed NASCAR fan or not, this is a must-gift for a Dallas visitor. There are year-round races, travel packages, and other events hosted at Texas Motor Speedway.

The Perfect Gifts in Seattle

An afternoon stroll through the farmers market is sure to please your appetite.

Food Tour of Pike Place Market

Food tours never get old—especially when visiting a new place. No matter where you or your friend travels, there is nothing quite like having a large fish thrown to you. Gift a food tour of Pike Place Market to gift the ultimate Seattle experience.

Bioluminescence Kayak Tour at San Juan Island

Sometimes, your friend who has everything also has seen quite a bit, too. For this friend, you need a truly unique and special gift. A bioluminescence kayak tour might just do the trick. Book this sunset kayak tour so that your friend can marvel the nighttime lights from bioluminescent microorganisms.

Mount Rainier Day Trip

On a clear day, Mt. Rainier towers over Seattle. Depending on the time of year, gift a day hiking trip or snowshoeing trip to the tallest mountain in Washington.

Boeing factory tour

See how gigantic air planes are manufactured in the Boeing factory. If your friend who has everything is also a travel fanatic, show them how plans are made with this truly unique gift.


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