Unique Gifts for Car Lovers by Personality Type

Unique Gifts for Car Lovers by Personality Type

You don’t have to search far to find unique gifts for car lovers.

Car lovers are “experience lovers.”

Of course, we here at Gift A Panda are all about gifting experiences. We have gift experiences that we know that every car enthusiast will love, but how does one choose the perfect unique gift?

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We’ve put together our “Personality Gift Guide” to help you find the perfect experience and accessorize with some of the coolest gadgets and gizmos we could find.

Choosing the Perfect Gift

Unique gifts are hard to give because even when you think you nailed it you get nervous that you might not have even gotten close. A car enthusiast is more than just a car lover, they have their own personality traits that dictate the type of car experiences they’ll love.

Here are a few things to think about:

  • Are they a race car, classic car, luxury car enthusiast?
  • Do they like adventures outside the car?
  • Is entertaining at home something they do?
  • Do they also work on cars or merely love them?

Take a look at our Personality Gift Guide to see how seven different types of personalities will enjoy various types of experiences and unique gifts.

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Gift Personality #1: The Adventurer

The adventurer is someone who is willing to take risks in order to be thrilled or excited. This car lover is a Jeep or Range Rover lover who has bike, ski, and kayak racks on the top of his adventure vehicle. He is ready for a road trip with a truck full of gear whenever the opportunity arises.

Unique Gifts for Car Lovers who love Rafting and Kayaking

Rafting and kayaking are perfect for car lovers who enjoy other adventure sports, too. This means our adventurers will probably want to bring their own gear. It’s all about the location. Shooting the rapids at high speeds through amazing country settings is something an adventurer won’t pass up. Don’t worry, there are beginner through advanced levels to keep things exhilarating yet safe for the others in the party who might not be as adventurous.

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Check out some of our rafting and kayaking adventures:

Accessories for The Adventurer

Some other things that may be on your adventurer’s gift list:

Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler: A portable cooler you can plug in while on your kitchen counter and then grab it and charge it through your USB port in the car to keep your lunch or snacks at the perfect (and safe) temperature. The handle on the top makes this compact cooler easy for anyone to move.

Swagskate NG2 Electric Longboard: Most car junkies started with their skateboards dreaming of the day when their four wheels would have a steering wheel. Spark the passion for boarding once again with this motorized longboard that can move at speeds up to 18 miles per hour for up to 11 miles before needing a recharge.

Tapplock One + Security Lock: Let your boyfriend feel all 007 with the fingerprint sensor lock from Tapplock One. This takes padlocks to a new level with it’s waterproof, Bluetooth enabled locking mechanism. Go from locked to unlocked in 0.8 seconds – almost as fast as you get to 60 mph.

Bridgestone Auto Emergency Kit: This kit has everything you might need when helping someone stranded on the side of the road. After all, no car lover would be in a position of being stuck. The Bridgestone Auto Emergency Kit has signal and lighting sources, auto tools, personal accessories, and a 27-piece first aid kit all conveniently held in a durable carrying case to store in the trunk.

Gift Personality #2: The Competitor

The competitor wants to win and loves the idea of man-against-man or boyfriend-against-girlfriend. This car lover drives a sports car and is always pushing the limits of what law enforcement will write a ticket for. He loves a good rev-up right before going from zero to 60 when the light turns green.

Unique Gifts for Car Lovers who love Car Race Tracks!

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The Race Car Track is the perfect unique gift that allows him to drive a real race car on a controlled track in time trials. Nowhere else will your auto enthusiast be able to speed around corners without worrying about a speed trap. Let’s face it, they always wanted to be a Formula One racer so this just fulfills a childhood fantasy.

Check out some of our favorite race track experiences:

Accessories for The Competitor

Some other things that may be on your competitor’s gift list:

Escort - Max 360c Radar Detector: No car lover would ever be caught speeding and nothing will preserve a clean driving record like the Escort - Max 360c Radar Detector. It is the perfect gadget for any sleek dashboard and something every car lover will adore. Let’s drivers know about red-light, speed cameras and speed trap locations with secure Wi-Fi technology.

Drop Wipes: Don’t let bird poop rain on your car lover’s parade. Gift them a supply of Drop Wipes Bird Poop Remover. These are easy to store in the glovebox and will get a car back to its perfectly waxed shine in minutes. Drop wipes are for more than just bird poop; removes water spots on the windshield too.

Zazzle Custom Floor Mats: Whether it is a monogram or racing stripes, car guys love custom car floor mats that match the car color and personalize it to his style. Ladies will also love this perfect gift that can be embroidered with her favorite flower or image.

Amoner Phone Holder: An adjustable, four-in-one car cell phone mount that inserts in the cigarette lighter where an LED display registers total output. A dual port USB charger allows your car lover to charge both a phone and tablet at the same time. The mount has a complete 360-degree rotation with a 6.5-inch gooseneck to set the perfect viewing position.  

Gift Personality #3: The Historian

The historian seeks knowledge of the past and wants to understand how yesterday affects today. This car lover has a classic car that he takes to Bob’s Big Boys on Friday nights for the weekly car sit in. He loves talking about his car and the era it came from and knows exactly who was on the radio when he first fell in love with his car. This car lover enjoys the finer things in life.

Unique Gifts for Car Lovers who love Museums

Historians love museums of all sorts. Most major cities have an automotive and even an aviation museum. Those who love cars will love seeing classics in perfect condition with buffed steel bumpers and heavy engines free from grime and grease. Many aviation museums are mixed with old warbird airplanes and classic war vehicles including massive tanks.

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Check out some of our favorite museum experiences:

Accessories for The Historian

Some other things that may be on your historian’s gift list:

Schaefer Personalized Whiskey Stones: If your guy is a car lover and connoisseur of whiskey, you’ll win him over in a heartbeat with these whiskey stones and monogrammed shot glasses. The stones come with his name inlaid on a wooden box. Chill the stones and toss them in to keep the whiskey on the rocks cool without getting watered down.

Munchkin Backseat Organizer: Not only are the kids’ toys a mess and too much for most car enthusiasts, they are dangerous when just tossed in the backseat. A backseat toy organizer is a great solution to hold a water bottle, snacks, and a few must-haves for the time on the road including a space for a tablet or book.

Professional Grade Microfiber Towels: Get a pack of three microfiber towels from Chemical Guys. These are highly absorbent and fluffy towels that will wick away water without scratching the paint. Use the towels the pros use to detail their own prized possessions.

ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum: No car lover would be caught without a clean car. The ThisWorx vacuum is compact and light but doesn’t sacrifice power to clean every nook and cranny of the vehicle. It has a 16-foot cord that makes it easy to work around the whole car without changing outlets.

Gift Personality #4: The Foodie

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The foodie wants to experience great food with great company from all walks parts of the world. This car lover always has something to nibble on and will take weekends to do long drives to find remote eateries a hundred miles away just because he can. He loves a good dive diner as much as he loves fine dining.

Unique Gifts for Car Lovers who love Cooking Classes

What better way to give a foodie an experience of a lifetime than by giving them a cooking class to learn all the best culinary skills needed to make their favorite foods when home. Learning to cook helps foodies better discern great cooking as well. Any car-loving foodie will love a night learning chopping skills and spice combinations.

Check out some of our favorite cooking classes:

Accessories for The Foodie

Some other things that may be on your foodie’s gift list:

Motorized Coffee: Every coffee guy needs that extra shot of caffeine and now can get it through his own supply of Motorized Coffee. Said to keep you revved up for early mornings in the garage or late nights at the car show, Motorized Coffee comes in a variety of beans, cold-brew and even decaf (though we aren’t sure why anyone would want that).

Ember Mug: No one likes it when hot coffee turns cold. Enter the Ember Mug that allows you to set the temperature so your coffee stays the perfect temperatures. We know your foodie car enthusiast will appreciate having his coffee kept hot but we have a sneaky suspicion that you might be eying this present for yourself. It’s that cool – or hot.

Tossits Car Garbage Bags: No car lover will allow trash to be piled up on the floor behind the driver's seat. The Tossits Car Garbage Bags make it easy to gather trash and toss. The set of bags hangs over the seat ready to pull away once full for disposal. Once tossed, a new bag is ready and waiting for the next road adventure.

Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler: Don’t lose your phone or french fry between the seat and center console ever again. The Drop Stop fits over a seatbelt buckle to keep it snuggly in place while the cushiony filler sits between the gap, preventing anything from going below. It makes keeping your belongings in place easier while keeping your car cleaner too.

Gift Personality #5: The Gadget Guy

The gadget guy loves new gizmos and is always trying to get the latest technology to gain an edge. He loves to see how things work and is very much an engineer at heart. He wants to be behind the scenes to learn how things are made. This is true for his car as it is for everything in his life. He doesn’t want to build things but wants to understand how they are made.

Unique Gifts for Car Lovers who love Destination Road Trips

One of the best things about being in a car is seeing the sights along the way. Give your guy a gift of dinner reservations at a special place that can only be found by a long, scenic drive. Want something a little more unique, try something like a city tour of Hollywood where you are given the history and sights without having to pay extra for the gas.

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Check out some of our favorite destination experiences:

Accessories for The Gadget Guy

Some other things that may be on your gadget guy’s gift list:

Roav Viva Alexa-Enabled Car Charger: Take Alexa with you everywhere you go, making it easy to get directions, find a gas station, or hideaway eatery. The Roav Viva is a fast-charging phone charger that will also answer phone calls for you. You may even find yourself saying, “Look Mom, no hands,” when she calls and Alexa answers the phone for you. Just be sure to keep them on the steering wheel.

AIR PIX Pocket-Size Flying Camera: No need to worry about taking up car space with this pocket-size drone that is perfect for guys and gals who want to get aerial pictures of their car at that romantic lookout point along the coast. Best of all, this drone comes with a USB charger that syncs up with the car USB port for quick charging on the road.

Garmin - Mini Dash Cam: Capture all the fun with this mini dash camera that discreetly fits behind the rearview mirror and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. This camera is a full-fledged high-definition camera with a 140-degree swivel and can capture up to 30 frames per second. Capture all the action or just keep an eye on those other cars to make sure no one is getting a little too close to the car’s custom paint job.

Mancave LED Light Sign: Deck out that man cave for him by getting a custom LED Vintage sign with his name on it. Vintage signs with a classic truck or car on them create the right ambient light for an evening of poker.

Gift Personality #6: The Car Girl

The car girl is a breed unto herself, not conforming to the norms of what girly girls often do. This car lover wields a monkey wrench as well as her mascara. Make no bones about it, shes a chic who can handle a stick shift with the best of them but still has a feminine side that loves to relax after a long day driving (even if she won’t always admit it in public circles).

Unique Gifts for Car Lovers who love Yoga Classes

Your car girl will love a yoga experience that heightens her senses and helps her be one with her inner car. That’s right. She’ll be a better driver with faster reflexes because she’ll have de-stressed in a hot yoga class.

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Check out some of our favorite yoga classes:

Accessories for The Car Girl

Some other things that may be on your car girl’s gift list:

Open Back Leather Driving Gloves: Your car gal will love a pair of gloves in her favorite color or to accent the color of her car. The open back gives a true racer feel, throwing back to the 1950s styles in a contemporary color scheme. Choose from 25 different colors including black, taupe, red, and hot pink. Gloves are made of Italian leather and have a button snap for a snug fit.

Branded Hat: If your car lady has a convertible, she needs something to keep her hair tame. She’ll love a baseball cap with her car brand name on it. Whether it is Porsche, Maserati, or any other of her favorites, she’ll wear it with pride.

Gas/Clutch Socks: For the girlfriend of the car lover learning to handle that stick shift, the Gas/Clutch sock pair will help her remember which foot is responsible for what. Of course, a good sense of humor is needed with this pair, but that’s easy to find among car lovers everywhere. These fun socks come in black or grey with the word, “Gas” printed on the right sock and, “Clutch” written on the left.

Resqme Car Escape Tool: Help your special girl stay safe with the Resqme Car Escape Tool, a spring-loaded window breaker with a seat belt cutter tool. This compact emergency prep device sits on a keychain and is there in the event that you are trapped in the car during a fire or flooding. The tool is also perfect as a self-defense device while walking home from a night out with the girls.

Gift Personality #7: The Mechanic

The mechanic likes to get his hands dirty, but more than that, he can take anything apart and put it back together. He will dig deep into the details on any experience where there is a mechanism for him to figure out or build.

Unique Gifts for Car Lovers who love Wood Workshops

Since your mechanic loves to use his hands, get him a slightly different experience by joining one of the many woodworking workshops available. He will learn to use different types of tools and might even come home with a new toolbox to organize the garage with. Whether it is making custom furniture, small knick-knacks, or shadow boxes, your mechanic will love an experience where he gets to play with tools, wood, and paint.

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Check out some of our various wood workshops:

Accessories for The Mechanic

Some other things that may be on your mechanic’s gift list:

Ampper Exterior LED Light Kit: Not into the interior mood lighting but want to make sure people see you coming. The Ampper Exterior LED Light Kit has up to six waterproof lights in a kit to mount on or under your car. Great for camping and nighttime offroading excursions.

HART 20-Volt Cordless Tire Inflator: No need to get tangled in the air compressor hoses with this cordless tire inflator. Go from zero to 150 PSI in less than seven minutes, getting the flattest of tires inflated. Not only is this perfect for tires, but your car enthusiast will also be able to pump up the football at the beach with the HART inflator adding to the fun of the day. For those who want to really supercharge this present, buy the lithium-ion battery charger attachment.

Xenon Pro’s JS1002 Portable Jump Starter: The size of a brick with the powerful punch to jump-start a 3.5-liter gas engine. The battery pack comes with jumper cables, four USB outlets, a portable air compressor, and an LED flashlight. The charge is strong enough to jump-start 20 cars.  

Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set: Every mechanic, even a recreational one, loves Craftsman tools. They are reliable and durable, making it easy to keep your favorite car humming and revving properly. This 450-piece set comes with 3 quick-release ratchets, wrenches, various drive sizes, and a convenient carrying case.

The Last Stop on Gifts

If you are still wondering what to get your favorite car enthusiast, don’t worry, the perfect gift is the one that comes from the heart. Sure that might be a little cliche, but it is true when it comes to unique gifts for car lovers. Why?

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Car lovers just love cars and are like little kids for anything about cars. While you may think a present is a little cheesy or maybe not sophisticated enough, you really can’t go wrong when you indulge in their favorite hobby. No matter what you buy, your car enthusiast’s eyes will brighten when they see that you thought “car” when you thought of them.

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